We are an informal collective of academics from different continents. We are launching a network of scholars who are keen to globalize media and communication studies.

This is hardly a new ambition. But we believe that the timing has never been better to make major advances toward a more globalized field. There is already a critical mass of colleagues who have been accumulating the intellectual tools to globalize, dewesternise, and decolonize how we work. More importantly, there is a much larger constituency of peers who know we have to change, even if uncertain about how exactly to do so.

None of us has all the answers. But we are confident that there’s a lot we can do collectively.

Our first major project is to develop a resource hub for teachers: it will recommend topics and course materials for colleagues who want to globalize their syllabi but are not sure how. 

We are also hoping to stimulate more global research in sub-fields that remain highly western-centric, through new events and publications.

We hope you’ll join us. We are not a department or a research center. What we achieve depends mostly on your response. So please visit our website, http://globalmediastudies.network/, and fill out the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.